I s o t r e t i n o i n 20 mg


Each capsule contians
Isotretinoin BP.......20 mg
The Product Complies with B.P Specifications


Severe forms of nodule-cystic acne resistant to previous therapy, particularly cystic acne and acne conglobate, espcially when the lesions involve the trunk.


Therapy should be started with 0.5mg/kg daily. After about four weeks. dosage for the maintenance treatment should be adjusted with the range of 0.1-1.0 mg/kg daily to meet individual needs. The maximum dosage of 1mg/kg daily should be given for only a limited period of time.


Atractin-20 is highly teratogenic and must not be used by women who are pregnant. The same applies to the women of childbearing potential unless strict contraception is practised four weeks before, during, and one month after treatment. It must not be given to nursing mothers, hepatic and renal insufficiency, hypervitaminosism A, patients with excessively elevated blood lipid values, hypersensitivity to the drug, supplementary treatment with tetracycline, blood donation by patients who are being treated (one to two week) with Atractin-20 is contraindicated.


Liver function should be checked. Serum lipids (fasting value) should also be checked. In diabetics frequent determination of blood glucose level is recommended.

Side Effects

Muscle and joint pain, Bone changes and hyperostosis in children (i.e., premature epiphyseal closure) in adults treated over long periods with high doses of Atractin-20. Psychic or CNS disturbances, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertriglyceridemia, Dermatitus facialis, pyogenic granulosa, paronychia, increased formation of granulation tissue, Reversible alopecia. Intolerance to contact lenses, decreased night vision.


Concurrent therapy with Atractin-20 and vitamin A must be avoid. As sympotms of hypervitaminosis A may be intensified.


Atractin capsules 20 mg, Pack of 30's Capsules.


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